How Do I Decide? Have you heard back from all of your schools, but now you don’t know what to do?  Here are some thoughts that might help you navigate the next several weeks.   Consider another visit to your top schools so you can compare more clearly now that you’ve been accepted.  Look at details […]


March 2, 2022

Decision Time…

I’ve been thinking a lot this fall about this role I have and the students that I get to encourage and work with on the college process. One thing that has become obvious to me is that many voices speaking into the high school student’s life and overlapping with their content is actually a very […]


November 18, 2021

College Counseling: Competition???


November 1, 2021

College Enrollment Trends Changing

This is taken from another blog that I thought was really good. by Marybeth Bock | May 21, 2021 Many of us are familiar with ROTC programs and scholarships for college students. But if you haven’t had a family member or close friend go through ROTC, you may be unaware of what it entails. Here are the […]


October 21, 2021

Guide to ROTC Programs and Scholarships for College Students

For all of the seniors in high school right now, life feels a little insane. It seems like the whole future of your happiness and existence hangs on those blasted college applications. That simply is not true and is a little dramatic. You will get done what needs to be done if you just take […]


October 17, 2021

Crunch time…

I’m enjoying the fact that colleges are coming back to life after a long break from visits and any on-campus activities because of the pandemic.  Part of what I’m doing in my business is visiting colleges as a consultant so I can better assist my clients in looking at the right fit and match.  It’s […]


October 13, 2021

College Visits

Early Decision compared to Early Action– what’s the big deal?  Well, for starters, some schools will fill up their freshman admitted students with only ED and EA applicants, so if you wait and apply RD (Regular Decision), you may be too late for a spot.  If you have the applications complete, don’t wait!  Send them […]


October 6, 2021

ED vs EA

I am asked by almost every client’s parents, “When should we register our son/daughter for the SAT or ACT?” Most families are simply wondering when their son or daughter should take the SAT/ACT for the first time. My recommendation is to take it as soon as you can in your junior year IF you have […]


September 14, 2021

More about tests….

Read this helpful article and see the latest! Many schools will be keeping the test-optional policy that was introduced during Covid, so if you are a fall 2022 college applicant, you may be included, depending on your college list!


September 7, 2021

Test Optional- what it means and will it continue?


September 3, 2021

What in the world is the FAFSA?