ED vs EA

Early Decision compared to Early Action– what’s the big deal?  Well, for starters, some schools will fill up their freshman admitted students with only ED and EA applicants, so if you wait and apply RD (Regular Decision), you may be too late for a spot.  If you have the applications complete, don’t wait!  Send them by the EA deadline.  Early Action is non-binding.  You frequently just simply have a stronger chance of getting into the school, and you can apply EA to several schools at one time.  ED (Early Decision) is a totally different matter altogether.  It’s binding, meaning that if you apply ED and get accepted, you MUST accept the offer and go there.  You are essentially signing a contract in your ED application that you are committing to the college if you get in regardless of financial offers, etc.  You also can only apply ED to one school.  Be careful to consider and weigh out these factors and options as you apply to schools! 


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