More about tests….

I am asked by almost every client’s parents, “When should we register our son/daughter for the SAT or ACT?” Most families are simply wondering when their son or daughter should take the SAT/ACT for the first time. My recommendation is to take it as soon as you can in your junior year IF you have completed Algebra 2. If you’re going to take Trig in 11th grade, there may be some material on the SAT that you want to wait to learn and take it the first time in January of junior year. If you do take it in the fall, you have plenty of time to take it again 1-2 times to super-score and try for a better combo score. Super-scoring simply means that they will take your highest score on the math and also on the English and combine them- even if they are from 2 test dates. You can certainly test more than once even if you wait until the winter to take it the first time. Just make sure that you don’t follow any advice that says to wait until your senior year for the first testing! That’s not good timing unless it’s your final time!

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