Crunch time…

For all of the seniors in high school right now, life feels a little insane. It seems like the whole future of your happiness and existence hangs on those blasted college applications. That simply is not true and is a little dramatic. You will get done what needs to be done if you just take small chunks and persevere! Your life will not end and fall apart because of one college essay or transcript request. Do you need to have a list and get tasks completed? Of course. But please remember that you’re not alone. As you’re in the crunch of the application process, just take time each day to make sure you’re on task and on target with your work and be patient with yourself! Ask for help where you need it. You’re almost there and once you click ‘submit’, you can enjoy the rest of senior year!! 🙂

  1. Jen Simmons says:

    Love this!! Your gifts of organization, discernment, encouragement and working so well with young people make this the perfect job for you! Your students are so blessed to have you guiding them and cheering for them!