It’s time to visit colleges!!

I visited William and Mary in 2013 as a mom with my husband and our older daughter.  I visited William and Mary last Friday as an IEC.  It felt like a completely different school.  Was that because of the ‘hat’ I was wearing each time?  Was it because 2013 was different than 2021?  Was it because I was on a tour with families and their students and yet I was a lone IEC?  I’m not sure, but I know that it was different.

When you visit a college, what do you look for?  What questions do you ask?  What are you listening for and hoping to gain?  Do you just go on the tour and sit in the info session or do you meet with other people and look at specific things?  Do you call ahead of time and try to schedule as much as you can?  Do you eat on campus?  Do you meet with students?  Do you sit in on a class?  

I’ve got answers for all of those questions in a nice, LONG, 23 minute video that I made about the best way to do a college visit.  Yep, I said 23 minutes…..  😉 

Happy to send it to you if you contact me on my contact page!


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