Liberal arts education and engineering?

If you’re interested in majoring in engineering, you may think that those big research institutions are your best bet and maybe only choice. They may be a great fit for you, but not for everyone! You can go to a liberal arts college and major in engineering or even look into the 3:2, or 4:1 programs that are out there. Not sure what I’m talking about? These combo programs involve getting two degrees. You spend the first 3 years at the liberal arts college, earning a liberal arts degree of your choosing. You finish out your college time with either 1-2 years at a second school, and earn the engineering degree from there. SO…you could have a BA in History from William and Mary and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University in 5 years total! Here’s a neat little website that explains the value of an engineering degree from a liberal arts perspective!


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