The Right Fit

Sometimes when I meet with a client for college counseling, the student will have a moment of fear and panic when they seem to think that there will not be a college for them or they won’t get in anywhere or no school will work for them.  Of course, sometimes I have other clients who think that any and every school under the sun should be fawning over them to attend and showering them with financial aid!  But more often, somewhere in our first several meetings, a student will express in some way that they are scared of not getting in anywhere.

Fit and Match.  That’s my answer.  There is a RIGHT FIT for each and every student and I am here to help you discover it, students!

There is a difference between finding the RIGHT school versus GETTING INTO a certain school.  My job is to help you learn more about yourself so that we can make a list of the right types of schools for you, not focus on getting you into certain schools that may or may not be the right fit.  It’s a subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless!  A good college consultant can certainly help you find a good match from the over 3500 US colleges and universities!

Most of us are familiar with maybe 30-40 schools.  We aren’t aware of the thousands of other great options that we may not follow in sports or have in our city or town or have friends or family attending.  College is not about finding which school will accept you, but it’s about finding out where you will belong.  Where will it feel like home?  Where will you be a part of a community?  Where will you spend the next four years of life thriving and growing?

So, students– this is for you:  There is a school that is a fit and match for each and every one of you.  There is!  I promise!  Part of the reason that I will take you through so many assessments, surveys, and conversations with me about your personality, likes and dislikes, factors important in choosing a college, and all of the other ‘tests’ I give you, is so we can determine just what that ‘fit’ and ‘match’ is.  And there is one!  So don’t fear.  Just do your best and commit to learning more about yourself and let’s work through it together!

Peter VanBuskirk, a college consultant, has a list of 5 statements that will be true if a school is a best fit for you.  A best fit college or university will be one where:

  1. The program of study meets YOUR needs
  2. The level of rigor or challenge is specific for YOUR desires
  3. The style of instruction matches the way that YOU learn
  4. The sense of community feels like home to YOU
  5. The school values what YOU have to offer them

If you follow these principles, ask questions, continue to learn about who you are and what makes you tick, and listen to that inner voice that tells you when you’re comfy and feel at home, you will likely end up at that school, the RIGHT FIT for YOU!

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